vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Prana The Followers Edition action ended

(EN) sorry for the late reaction about the Followers edition but so as you know the the limited time for this edition tuned out so. here to make things clear are the names how only later can get the bonuses of the followers edition when the first book arrive:)

(NL) sorry voor de laten reactie. maar zo als jullie weten is de actie voor de Followers edition voor bij. zo om even wat helderheid te scheppen zijn hier de namen van de genen die later als enige de mogelijkheid hebben om de Prana followers edition te krijgen bij hun eerste boek waneer deze af is.

Alex Hoogesteger Guus Waas Henk JM Hoogesteger Jozua Peelen Mamasan Vd Rijt Marjo Hoogesteger Margot de Waal-Volbeda Mint Lomo Miranda Basters Nicole Volbeda
Sjan Hoogesteger, Patricia van Wanrooy, Niels de waal, piet de waal

The Natsuki's journey restyling

currently I'm working to develop the definitive drawing style for prana. so I decided to make a new version of the Prana short story. that is now called Natsuki's journey how will be a real chapter in the book. but possibly modified at the time that book were its is in is finished.

so in this album will be the progress show to get to that definitive style

link to the album on FB or G+