vrijdag 14 februari 2014

1e Prana cover designs in PMS color's

this is a new try out for the Natasuki story cover how will been shown on the 26 of Februari in 2014 in Belgisch StripCentrum were on this day will me multiple publishers to talk to

and more covers it self
again a try out to work with the PMS this time in the form of book covers.
and I do have found a way now that makes it easy to make art in this to color tone without reeling to much on the digital aspect. with out losing press quality then that times comes when that is needed

Links the the albums on FB and G+

zondag 19 januari 2014

Yes it will be there some day..

Its been quite long enough about Prana Time for some Updates!
last year I have decided to put it a bit on hold and practice a bit with story writhing and drawing with Enzo and Emma and the short story Fly.
but this also put on hold....
but will picked up soon so I can continue as soon as possible on Prana and make it the series that it should

Link to the Gray album