Prana The Characters


Senka and Nikola are on the run after after everybody in there village where killed.
by something unexplainable what takes over Senka's soul and hold here captive.

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Anna is one of the three how are roomed to be involved by a big terroristic attack involving mania deaths. so to escape from this reputation she travels a against time. because she is with a girl how is the victim to a mysterious and dangerous spirit. and try to help here with the little teachings she had from Noah. only if he was still here…

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Nikola haves his heart on the right place. but his visions can and emotions can make him go on a dark path. so its a good thing Anna is around so they can help each other out.

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Natsuki can been seen as a lone soul. who is trying to find here place. after a bombardment have destroyed everything so once loved. and have only here husbands guitar and her daughters doll to remember them by.

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Ira is a mysterious coldblooded and intimidating person in the story and seems to have a grudges against Anna and Nikola. would that be because of the roomers serounding them? that this this sherif don't like them in her city?

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Tora haves a Myanmar background but now she have fight here self on top of a army of a secretive group. how seems to know more about whats happening to Anna and Nikola and Senka

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one of the Photographers in the big city keeping a eye on the strangers

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